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This isn't business as usual

Employees are stressed, exhausted, and overwhelmed.

They're rethinking their lives...

and careers.


And many employees are TIRED and emotionally spent.

Finding it difficult to engage.

People are your company's most valuable resource.


Now is the time to deeply engage your talent, not just with head,

but with heart.

Kristin Harper

can help

Through inspiring stories, insights and practical tools, Kristin Harper  inspires and empowers people to act.

Kristin knows what it takes for employees to succeed, going from college intern to Global Vice President while helping many others grow their careers.

Signature keynote topics
Virtual and in-person
Level UP: Emotional Intelligence Insights to Advance Your Career
This keynote offers a refreshing, authentic perspective that gives rising leaders the clarity and confidence they need to take charge of their personal brand, avoid costly leadership mistakes,
and position them for more success and satisfaction in their careers. 
Kristin knows what it takes to climb the Corporate ladder. She went from college intern to Global VP in her 30s. She's managed some of the world's most iconic brands -- Crest, Oral-B and Hershey's KISSES, to name a few, and combines branding principles with emotional intelligence to help employees level up using her signature I'M BOLD process.
Leadership in Times of Crisis  
The accelerated pace of change creates a greater demand for inspirational leadership.
During this keynote, Kristin Harper shares practical strategies to increase personal resilience while inspiring and influencing your teams.
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Each keynote & training is tailored to your organization’s unique needs.

Other topics include Resilience, Vulnerability, Self-Awareness, Agility, Conflict Resolution, Dealing with Failure, Increasing Influence, Organizational Politics, Giving and Receiving Feedback, Reacting vs. Responding, Empathy, Managing your Personal Brand,
Diverse Career Experiences, and Manager/Employee Dynamics,







Level UP Training
Through a series of instructional activities, assessments, interactive exercises, and case studies, the Level UP virtual training is a leadership experience that will touch the heart, challenge the mind, and give rising leaders tools to cultivate self and lead others.  
As a result, participants will: 
  • Gain clarity on their authentic personal brand 
  • Communicate with more confidence 
  • Deliver a compelling pitch and case study presentation
  • Develop a customized personal developmental action plan
  • Strengthen succession plan readiness 
  • Build a stronger peer network and gain visibility among key stakeholders
Participants will also receive an autographed copy of Kristin's book, The Heart of a Leader:

1.    Why Great Performance Isn’t Enough (Personal Branding)

2.    Your Boss Isn’t the Enemy (Enterprise Mindset) 


3.    What You Need to Lead but Won’t Learn in Business School                                     


4.    Using Emotional Intelligence to Influence People and Organizations



5.    Politics: Play or Get Played (Empathy)


6.    Dealing with Disappointment (Resilience)


7.    Mastering Emotional Self-Management (Agility)

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Personality Assessments & Workshops
Self-awareness is a core tenet of effectiveness as an individual and team.

We have a team that is skilled in leading engaging, interactive workshops to improve team relationships, productivity and engagement.

Our favorite tools are CliftonStrengths and DISC assessment.   
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Inspiring & Authentic

Kristin has walked a mile in your employees' shoes, and knows what it takes to inspire teams and increase employee engagement. 



An award-winning businesswoman, Kristin rose through the ranks of Corporate America to 
become a global vice president of a Fortune 15 company in her 30s.

Speaking Reel
Speaking Reel & Testimonials

Trusted by executives, learning and development professionals and employee resource group leaders at some of the world's leading companies and organizations



“Awesome insights on the panel today! Thank you for sharing your wisdom. I love the application of brand planning to individual purpose.”

— Cristina Santos, Sanofi, Head of Inclusion & Diversity and EEO North America

Career coaching
Ready to jumpstart your career so you can get to the next level faster?
Level UP: Position Yourself for a Promotion is an online course and executive coaching program designed for employees -- especially women and people of color -- who feel like they can't get ahead in their careers.
Engaged employees.jpg
Within as little as 8 weeks, you'll get clear on your personal brand, communicate with more confidence, and build stronger networks that position you for a job promotion
The course includes:
  • Over 40 mini-modules available 24/7 to go at your own pace
  • Easy to understand videos, assignments and exercises
  • Proprietary worksheets and tools to apply the lessons to your career
  • Clear blueprint checklist so you know EXACTLY what to do, step by step
  • Live weekly coaching with CEO and former Corporate executive, Kristin Harper, who went from college intern to Global VP of a Fortune 500 company in her 30s
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