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10 habits that define mentally resilient people

Are you more emotionally resilient than the average person?

How Brands Can Nurture and Develop Emotional Intelligence (and Why It Matters)

3 Powerful Marketing Leadership Strategies Seasoned marketing executives' advice

Faith, Resilience and Success Radio interview

What Black Professionals and White Professionals Really Think About Race in the Workplace

10 Steps for Building Resilience to Move from Trauma to Triumph

Just Call Him D-Nice

How Black and White Professionals Reckon with Racism in the Workplace

10 habits that define mentally resilient people

Biz Sherpa Kristin Harper

Podcast about emotional resiliency and leadership

Here & Now: Race in the Workplace

Black Professionals Want Advocates, Not Allies. It's on You to Learn the Difference

How to Position Your Brand for Optimal Success

Playbook for a New Leader’s First 90 Days on the Job

The Different Experiences of Black and White Professionals

Kristen Harper has the Heart of a Leader and So Should You!

Black professionals want you to be an active advocate at work, not a passive ally

FAMU grad, and BOT member, publishes new book on leadership

Leadership is not for everyone. Is it for you?

Leaders, It’s Time to Unlearn the Skills That Made You Successful

FAMU Trustee publishes career advice book

10 Steps For Building The Resilience To Move From Trauma To Triumph

10 hábitos de pessoas que têm resiliência emocional

Do You Have the Heart of a Leader?

Do You Have the Heart of a Leader?

How Influential Leaders Use Emotional Intelligence to Increase Engagement and Productivity

The Heart of a Leader: Fifty-Two Emotional Intelligence Insights to Advance Your Career

Speaker, Author, Consultant Kristin Harper

5 Emotional Intelligence Insights to Help You Advance Your Remote Career

FAMU Trustee Kristin Harper Publishes Book Offering Career Advancement Advice

New Book Offers an Intersection Between Emotional Intelligence and Strong Leadership

Ms Career Girl

10 Steps for Building the Resilience to Move from Trauma to Triumph

FAMU Trustee Kristin Harper publishes book of career advice

The Heart of a Leader

Interview With Businesswoman & “The Heart of a Leader” Author Kristin Harper

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