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Kristin's best-selling book, The Heart of a Leader: 52 Emotional Intelligence Insights to Advance Your Career, uncovers insider secrets on leadership for go-getters who aren’t satisfied with status quo careers.
Based on more than twenty years of firsthand experience climbing the proverbial corporate ladder, each chapter focuses on leadership and emotional intelligence competencies, actionable tools, bite-sized insights, and inspiring quotes to reference throughout your career.

1.    Why Great Performance Isn’t Enough (Personal Branding)

2.    Your Boss Isn’t the Enemy (Enterprise Mindset) 

3.    What You Need to Lead but Won’t Learn in Business School (Management)

4.    Using Emotional Intelligence to Influence People and Organizations (Influence)


5.    Politics: Play or Get Played (Empathy)


6.    Dealing with Disappointment (Resilience)


7.    Mastering Emotional Self-Management (Agility)

The complimentary eWorkbook contains over 20 proprietary, editable tools to support your leadership journey.

When you order in bulk from Kristin, personalized autographed books can be sent to your company or directly to employees. 

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