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The dynamics of work and life have changed...forever.

Employees have shifted where they want to work -- and how. 

Resignations are the highest on record -- up 13% over pre-pandemic levels.*

And recruiters are poaching great talent...YOUR best talent.

You can't afford to lose your high performing, high potential, or  diverse talent. 

This isn't business as usual

Source: Long, H., Fowers, A. and Van Dam, A. (2021, Sept 4) "The U.S. has 10 million       job opening. Why are 8.4 million unemployed?" Washington Post,

Show employees that your company is vested in their development, wellness, and organizational culture  

Through inspiring stories, insights and practical tools, Kristin Harper  and The Expert Collective of speakers, trainers and consultants inspire and empower people to level up their performance and personal brand.

Our team has walked a mile in your shoes, and knows what it takes to succeed.    Kristin went from college intern to Global Vice President of a Fortune 15 company while helping many others increase engagement and maximize performance. 

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Based on first-hand experience, our expert team will help your employees and teams:
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