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Congratulations visionary!

It takes a special person to imagine a better future, then transform that vision into reality.


Entrepreneurship is one of the most fulfilling journeys in life, but it’s also full of challenges and risks that can cause self-doubt, anxiety, stress and discouragement.


Despite investing your own hard-earned money and pitching your idea to others, nearly a third of entrepreneurs lack capital and feel they are barely staying afloat

Here’s the ugly truth:

1 in 4 businesses fail within the first year and only half survive more than five years.


The #1 reason most businesses fail is because there’s
no real market need.

You can’t afford to learn through trial and error,

wasting your valuable time and hard-earned money on a business, passion project or idea whose odds of success aren’t on your side.

Most entrepreneurs think you have to launch a "minimum viable product" and constantly test and learn until you get it right.

You pick a name, create a logo and start "trying stuff" on social media,

but it doesn't make the type of impact you were hoping for. 

There's only so much money to invest -- what is the first priority? Legal? Accounting? Inventory? A brand logo?  

At the end of the day, juggling a full time job and a part time passion can be exhausting.

I help ambitious entrepreneurs who don't have time or money to waste validate their innovative business idea in 60 days or less so they can confidently communicate their brand solution and make more money. 

How We Help


Save more time


stop wasting money 


follow a blueprint




We invite you to the
brand positioning blueprint 
Transform your business brand in 60 days or less
Your Invitation

During this 6-week group coaching program, you’ll transform your current or future business idea into a viable brand positioned for success.


Each weekly call walks you through a step-by-step process filled with inspiring questions, real-life examples, and expert advice.

After the Bootcamp, you will have:

  • Greater CLARITY on how you uniquely solve your customers’ problems

  • CLEAR COMMUNICATION on how you add value to your customers’ lives, and

  • Opportunity to maximize revenue with a MORE COMPELLING BRAND

About Kristin

Led by an award-winning businesswoman, Kristin Harper has more than 30 years of brand and business experience, from grassroots startups to global iconic brands.


A a third generation entrepreneur, Kristin began selling Princess House Crystal at the age of 10 when her mom was double booked. She went on to start teaching piano and baking cookies at the age of 14 and has been a "sidepreneur" ever since.


To compliment her MBA degree, Kristin was trained at Procter & Gamble, one of the best marketing companies in the world. She's worked on iconic global brands like Crest, Oral-B and Hershey's KISSES.

Now, she is sharing these time-tested strategies to help your business go from good to great.


I've consolidated 30 years of proven brand, innovation and marketing expertise into a power-packed, highly efficient 6-week Bootcamp. 

Why?  Because YOU are the expert in your industry, product or service and the world needs to know about your product or service.


I have a special place in my heart for entrepreneurs and I want you to be wildly successful. That's why I'm sharing my brand expertise with you.

When your business succeeds, your customers succeed.


Your family succeeds.


Your community succeeds.


You can fulfill your purpose.


And you will build a financial legacy whose impact lasts for generations to come. 


a few new businesses we've helped nurture 

  • App development 
  • Author coaching 
  • Career/life transition support
  • Educational curriculum and resources
  • Executive coaching
  • Health & Beauty
  • Small business financing


“Your consultation helped me get organized. I’m good with creating a vision for my company, but I need that structure and well thought out plan to execute a smooth delivery of the company. Thank you for helping me see the value in my vision!”

Franchesca Thompson, Paper Birch

“Kristin's program changed the trajectory of my business idea! Because of her coaching, leadership, and mentorship, I have a bonafide business concept that will solve a need for a specific group of people. I have been working on my concept since 2015! Now, I have the tools to launch. She can help you to frame your idea/concept! #therealdeal”

Beverlyn Johns, Future Entrepreneur 

“It was definitely instrumental in clarifying the product/service vision and actual offering. Brand image and pricing processes were also enhanced through this course. And FAST! I would not have gotten to this point, and definitely not as quickly, without the Bootcamp. Highly recommend!!"

Marcy Fitzgerald, Future Entrepreneur  

“Kristin Harper, I thank you SO much for how you helped me to think and plan about branding my new business. You’re so creative and so smart and so quick. So, if anyone needs help branding, Kristin Harper, she’s your girl.”

Pastor Brenda Vega, Future Entrepreneur

“I’m so excited because, Kristin, within minutes, was able to have a conversation with me and help me with brand positioning that is AMAZING!  I was so impressed with her ability to target and to take my thoughts and ideas and to position it in such a way that I am INCREDIBLY confident that this will help me do business in the marketplace and the business world.


If you have any needs in the area of brand positioning, branding in general for yourself, for your business, or for your organization, Ms. Harper is your woman."

Yvette Wright-Gauff, Future Entrepreneur

“After just 30 seconds with Kristin, she was able to give me this perfect signature title for my signature program, and I’m so grateful.

Thank you so much Kristin!”

Sophia Bigos, Active Harmony

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